Creative Spark

Hackathon "Creative Code" for KBTU students

February 23 – March 3, 2019

On February 23, 2019 applications for participation in the student hackathon "Creative Code" organized by the University of Reading (Henley Business School), KBTU and Kurmangazy Conservatory began to be accepted. Student teams consisting of 1 to 4 people of any KBTU specialty are invited to participate.

During the entire time from the day of registration including the day of the hackathon itself teams of project managers, managers and programmers will create products designed to make the most convenient applications for mass use, interesting ideas for business plans and the ultimate goal to unite talented people.

Leading project managers and programmers from companies such as Dalatunes, ProVoice, Alemresearch, Pharmapp, Hermione, VR Therapy (CMT) have been involved in mentoring hackathon participants since the registration date.

On the day of the hackathon, project evaluation will be conducted by company experts and the most developed solutions will have a chance to be implemented in these companies. All other participants will receive bonuses, experience, certificates of participation, and "pizzas".


The goal of the Hackathon "Creative Spark" is to bring together talented students of KBTU and the Conservatory to enrich their startups with creative ideas and suggestions designed to make the most convenient applications for mass use, interesting ideas for business plans. More than 100 students of KBTU and the Conservatory took part.

The hackathon was opened by guests from abroad and Kazakhstan: Amazon Regional Manager Rick Gautier and Data Analyst E2ES Josh Gotsch founder of Verigram Uahat Bastimiev. International and local experts gave valuable recommendations to startups and shared their vision of developing creative businesses.

On the day of the hackathon, student projects were evaluated by startup mentors and the most developed solutions got a chance to be implemented in these startups as well as received valuable prizes and gifts.

Teams competed in drawing up business plans, business ideas in the field of data analysis, image recognition technologies, psychological assistance using virtual reality, matching and mixing technologies for business models, and using big data, including statistical software for developing strategies and understanding causal effects.

The winners of the Creative Code Hackathon were students of KBTU and Kurmangazy Conservatory who have now potentially become part of startups:

Startup Dalatunes

Student team "ISOCracy":

Sanzhar Seitzhan ВТиПО, 2 курс, Adilkhan Kozhakhmetov ВТиПО, 2 курс, Aldiyar Bolat ВТиПО, 2 курс, Student Daribayev Meir of the Kurmangazy Conservatory received an incentive prize.

Startup PharmApp

Student team "SmartHack":

Togzhan Abish ИС, 3 курс, Aruzhan Turganbayeva, 3 курс, Assel Yernazarova ИС, 3 курс, Aizhan Gabdzhanova ИС, 3 курс, Zhanerke Dagasheva ИС, 3 курс.

Startup AlemResearch

Student team "Bernoulli":

Ulbolsyn Kozhakova ИС, 3 курс, Adlet Absatov ИС, 2 курс, Ruslan Sarybayev ВТПО, 2 курс,

Aruzhan Tlek 2 курс ВТПО.

Student team "Follow Aza":

Beksultan Kokpanbayev ВТиПО, 2 курс, Azamat Yergali ИС, 2 курс, Askar Mussayev ВТиПО, 2 курс.

Student team "Uptoyou":

Tursyzhan Mendybayev ИС, 3 курс, Sapina Aizhan ИС, 3 курс, Maxim Kim ИС, 3 курс,

Bektemir Zhanaikhanov ВТиПО, 3 курс.

Student team "akatsuki":

Sakhybekova Balnur ВТиПО, 2 курс, Bakhytnuruly Nurassyl ВТиПО, 2 курс, Makatov Samat ВТиПО, 2 курс, Utebaliyev Derbes ВТиПО, 2 курс.

Startup Provoice

Student team "Caremeth":

Maksat Sangerbayev ВТиПО, 3 курс, Rustam Aytahunov ВТиПО, 3 курс, Artur Belyankov ВТиПО, 3 курс, Azimov Atabek ИС, 2 курс.

Startup VR Therapy

Student team "thank you, next!":

Ali Kurban ВТиПО, 2 курс, Nurbergen Khinatolla ВТиПО, 1 курс, Olzhas Dairov ИС, 2 курс, Alua Turumbetova ВТиПО, 2 курс.

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