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The Kazakh-British Technical University has been the best technical university in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the past years the main goal of which is to support the scientific, industrial and economic development of Kazakhstan producing highly qualified specialists.

An innovative and creative approach is a priority for KBTU so the university's projects differ in concept and solve a variety of tasks and KBTU has modern scientific laboratories where researchers and students work on innovative projects. To become a center of scientific and technical innovation for the entire Central Asian region the training program is being improved together with enterprises of various industries. The KBTU Advisory Board consists of top managers of companies and the Industrial committees include technical experts whose participation in the university's educational programs is of high quality and most relevant. This makes the university attractive to both Kazakhstani and foreign students.

One of the priorities of KBTU's strategy is internationalization, developing partnerships and cooperation with the world's best universities such as the University of London, Harvard Business School, and many others. KBTU is also a participant in teacher and student exchange programs including Erasmus+ and Bolashak.программ обмена преподавателями и студентами, в том числе Erasmus+ и Болашак.

KNC after Kurmangazy

For more than seven decades, the Kazakh National Conservatory after Kurmangazy conducts training of professional musicians. In comparison with conservatories in Europe and Russia, the age is insignificant but in terms of event saturation and dynamics of development, its history has concentrated an entire epoch. It reflected not only the formation of the first creative university, the formation of the entire system of professional music education but also the history of the country - the Kazakh SSR and then sovereign Kazakhstan.


The leading role in this controversial and complex process belonged to the Alma-Ata Conservatory. From the first days of its existence, its activities were conducted in two directions determined by the influence of the European and Kazakh national musical heritage. These two "branches" of the Conservatory have always developed harmoniously and were equal.


Until recently the Conservatory was the only higher education institution in the country and is rightfully proud of its achievements. Teachers, major concert musicians, and students adequately represent Russian art in the United States, Western, and Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, Iran, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and others.


With the independence and sovereignty of Kazakhstan, the Conservatory was given the status of "Kazakh national higher education institution". This marked a qualitatively new level of tasks for creating a competitive Kazakh model of music education as well as the attitude of the university to the number of cultural and political priorities of the state.

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